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1. Clyde District Information The Story of Clyde MAP -Clyde 2009  
  Clyde Time Line MAP- Where is Clyde? PDF  
  How Clyde Got Its Name Dictionary of Clyde Word List- Glossary  
  Facts About Clyde MAP- History Walking Tour PDF  
  The Story Behind This Website    
2. Bunurong:First Occupants The First Occupants - Bunurong Tribe  
  Thomas Patterson -Bunurong Eye Witness Accounts  
  Bunurong Six Seasons  
  Bunurong Language  
3. Settlement History Moving Beyond Port Phillip District  
  1830-1852 Squatters and Runs  
  1852-1887 First Land Sales  
  1888-1900 Railway Township  
  1900-1930 Dairy Industry  
  1900-1930 P.O. General Store and Businesses  
  1888-1981 History of the Railway  
  1854-2009 Clyde's Meteorites  
4. Significant Buildings 1864-1928 Clyde Buildings  
  1864-2009 Clyde Churches Time Line  
  1864 Wesleyan Methodist Church   
  1887 St Pauls Anglican Church  
  1909 Methodist Church (Uniting)  
  1884 Clyde North Public Hall  
  1928 Clyde Public Hall  
  1978 Back to Clyde Hall Jubilee Celebrations  
  1864 Wesleyan Methodist School  
  1858 Clyde North School No 118  
  1858-1966 Clyde North School History.pdf PDF  
  1902-1976 School Photos.pdf PDF  
     Clyde North School Photos for the following years
  1902 1921 1941 1952 1956 1975 1979 1982 1985 1988 1991
  1910 1924 1944 1953 1960 1976 1980 1983 1986 1989 1992
  1920 1926 1951 1955 1968 1978 1981 1984 1987 1990  
  1910 Clyde School No 3664  
  Clyde Primary School No 3664 Photos for the following years  
  3664 Time Line  
  1910-14 1921 1935 1939 1953 1960 1977  
  1915 1927 1936 1950 1955 1961 1979  
  1916 1932 1937 1952 1956 1968    
  1924 Lisbaun School No 4196  
  1981 Hillcrest College  
5. Early Families Introduction to Pastoral Pioneer Families  
  1848 Alexander Patterson  
           Mrs Alexander Patterson (Marion)  
  1852 James Hall McKay  
  1852 Anthony Ridgway  
          1 Anthony Ridgway's Journey to Clyde  
          2 Anthony Ridgway Settles in Clyde  
          3 Ridgway Sons and Daughters  
          4 Ridgways and Clyde General Store  
          5 Ridgway Family Photos  
  1854 William Sykes  
  1854 James Lineham  
           Lineham Family Photos  
  1854 Richard Robins  
  1856 Embling Hardy  
  Perce Hardy's Stories about:-
  1. Clyde North School and Church
  2. Hardy Family History in Clyde (1)
  3. Hardy Family History in Clyde (2)
  4. Embling Hardy as a Farmer
  5. Cricket and Football
  6. The Melbourne Hunt Club
  1859 Isaac Hook  
  1860’s William Eli Manks  
  1862 Thomas Cadd  
  1864 Francis Brodie  
  1865 Peter Atkinson  
  1870 Thomas Sleeth  
  1872 Thomas Lynch  
  1879 Thomas Twyford  
6. Who’s Who Who's Who of Clyde. Community contribution recognition  
  Australia's Involvement in World War 1 (1914-1918)  
  1914-1918 World War 1 Clyde Volunteers  
  WW1 Clyde North Roll of Honor Board  
  Honor Roll - Former Scholars (Students)  
  Honor Roll - Residents, present and past  
  Honor Roll - Nurses. Lehman sisters, Birdie Kirkpatrick  
  Anzacs Who Never Came Home:William Allars,
George Churchill, HedleyThomas, Thomas Williams
  Life and Death of a Clyde Anzac -Stan Allars  
  Clyde WW1 Casualties  
  Military Awards to Clyde men and women  
  Community Recognition of Military Service  
  1856-1918 Scientist-Henry Joseph Grayson  
  1890-1980’s Store Keepers  
  1888-1981 Railway Staff  
  1858-1992 School Teachers Clyde North No 118   
  1910-1980 School Teachers Clyde 3664  
  1860-1967 Cranbourne Shire Councillors  
  1860-1980 Justices of the Peace  
  1858 -1966 School Committee Members Clyde North and Clyde  
  1893-1993 Cricket Champions  
7. Maps and Road Names Online Maps: Historical and Aerial  
  Clyde North Roads ( Pattersons Road to Grices Road)  
  Clyde Roads (South Of Pattersons Rd)  
  Road Names -Clyde Township  
  1981 Aerial Map - Lineham Recreation Reserve and south to Clyde School  
  1981 Aerial Map - Clyde School south to near Moores Road  
  1854 Historical Maps Cranbourne, County of Mornington  
  1857 Historical Maps Parish of Sherwood Allotments  
  1858 Historical Maps Parish of Sherwood, Country Lots  
  1859 Historical Maps Parish of Cranbourne, Subdivisions  
  1887 Historical Maps Sherwood, County of Mornington  
  1889 Historical Maps Clyde Township  
  1924 Historical Maps Cranbourne Survey Map  
  1930 Historical Maps Sherwood, County of Mornington  
  1937 Historical Maps Cranbourne Shire  
  MAP- Clyde in 2009 before housing development PDF Maps for downloading  
  MAP-History Walking Tour PDF Maps for downloading  
  MAPS- History of Clyde in Maps Power Point version 2003 (2.4MB)  
  MAPS- History of Clyde in Maps Power Point version 2010 (2.4MB)  
8. Houses and Properties Houses and Property Names  
  Significant Private Homes  
9. Land Owner Resident Index First Land Owners 1850's  
  Post Office Directory 1868  
  Telephone Directory 1931  
  Wills and Probate Documents 1858-1925  
10. Clubs and Organisations 1893-1993 Clyde Cricket Club  
  1900 Sports Venues  
  1909-1950's Melbourne Hunt Club  
  1930 CWA Country Womens Association  
  1944 Clyde-Cardinia Rural Fire Brigade  
11. Land Features Original Landscape  
  Kooweerup Swamp  
  Natural Flora and Fauna  
  Native Species Photo Collection  
  Clyde and Cardinia Creeks  
  Railway Cutting and Bridge  
  Hawthorn Hedges  
  Cyprus and Pine Groves  
12. Amazing Local Stories 1855-1937 Farm Fatalities, Accidents and Riding Deaths  
  St Germains 1855, William Ridgway 1867,
  Lineham 1867, A Brunt 1925,
  C. Hook 1927, W Hardy 1935,
  G. Funston 1936  

1871 Boy Drowns in Clyde North – Robert Sykes 10 Yrs Old.
  1887 Farmer Robbed in Melbourne - William Sykes  
  1892 Death of a Clyde Jockey – Tom Williams  
  1890-1900 Ellinor - A Girl's Story (Ellinor Buchanan nee Sharp)  
  1894 Rescued by his Brother - Cutler  
  1904 Accidental Shooting of Farmer- Arthur Cam  
  1908 Breach of Promise- James Stick  
  1912 Keith Escott Story- Life in Clyde North  
  1916 Killed in a Gravel Pit – Brunt’s Farm  
  1928 Fred Hook in Railway Crossing Accident  
  1930 Murder Suicide- Robinson Family  
  1944 Fire Destroys Houses - Chapman Family Story  
13. History for Students Clyde Time Line  
  Bunurong People- First Occupants  
  Bunurong - Eye Witness Accounts by Thomas Patterson  
  Bunurong - Six Seasons not Four  
  Bunurong - Language  
  Patterson Family  
  James McKay- Shepherd who gave Clyde its name  
  Ridgway Family  
  Richard Robins' Story  
  Eliza Robins' Story - Irish Bounty Girl  
  Robins' Descendants in Clyde  
  Richard Robins - Death Sentence  
  Richard Robins - Description  
  Richard Robins - Convict Records  
  Richard Robins - Death Certificate  
  Richard Robins - Teachers' Page  
  Hardy Family  
  Stan Allars-Anzac  
  Road Names- Clyde North and Clyde  
  A Girl's Story- Ellinor Sharp  
  A Boy's Story-Bryan Twyford. pdf  
  1904 Clyde Store  
  1909 Clyde Church (Methodist -Uniting)  
  1910 Clyde School No 3664  
  1928 Clyde Hall  
  1944 CFA  
  MAP-History Walking Tour PDF (Can be downloaded and printed)  
  MAP- 2009, Clyde before housing developments PDF  
  MAPS- History of Clyde in Maps Power Point version 2003 (2.4MB)  
  MAPS-History of Clyde in Maps Power Point version 2010 (2.4MB)  
14. Dictionary of Clyde Word List- Glossary  
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  Internet Resources  
  Local Historians  
  Illustrations, Photographs  
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