Early Clyde Families
1840's-1888 Pioneer Families

These pioneer families are registered in "VICTORIA its METROPOLIS, PAST and PRESENT 1888"and began the initial development of Clyde from the 1840's to the 1890’s.

These are the earliest of land buyers when the district was first surveyed and released for sale.
Roads have been named after them and their properties are listed in the Victorian Heritage Database.

They are referred to in Niel Gunson's book "The Good Country"

These pioneers began the Churches, Halls and Schools in the area. They cleared the land and developed it for farming. They campaigned for roads and a railway in the area. Shopkeepers, Railway personnel, tradesmen and school teachers followed bringing further developments.

Some of these well known names are:
1848 Alexander Patterson 1856 Embling Hardy
1852 James McKay 1859 Isaac Hook
1852 Anthony Ridgway 1860's William Eli Manks
1854 James Lineham 1879 Thomas A Twyford

  Victoria and its Metropolis Past and Present 1888

Are your ancestors mentioned in this book?
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Written telling the early history of Victoria and paid for by subscriptions of people who entered their stories into the text.
So, if you can't find your ancestor's details in this book, then for some reason ( were not aware of the planned book, unable to pay, were too late or faced a serious difficulty) they were unable to contribute to this project

A copy owned by our grandmother and source for our first research effort, "A Clyde History"

Reprints of this volume are available in some libraries.
It isalso now available, free, on line.
Victoria and its Metropolis. Past and Present 1888

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